rewind remind was an intergenerational program that we designed and implemented in Athens’ carehomes. The aim of the program was to bring together high school students and elders residing in elderly homes to exchange stories and ideas about the present and the future.

We succeeded in showing that not much has changed in the way we feel and act, in our impulses, in our need to play, sing and socialize.

The main barriers that need to be addressed is the misinformation of the children and their parents on dementia and the everyday lives in carehomes.

Future ideas involve a wider visitor age group, preferably from larger volunteering teams and organizations while our team will offer the basic information on dementia, initial training and the program’s guidelines.

The emerging discussion subjects revolved around everyday life, outdoor games, parties, relationships, and the wars.

What made the project even more interesting was the fact that more than 85% of the residents were living with dementia. As a group, the teenagers were informed and trained by our team, thus bringing a positive tone to our meetings through discussion, singing and quizzing segments. The average duration of each visit was 60 minutes, depending on the mood of the residents.

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