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Product: Touch & Pair

Series: thāllo games

Description: Touch&Pair is a sensory set with textiles and playing cards and is aimed at people living with dementia and children aged three years and older. The sensory approach calms the mind and reduces feelings of confusion and agitation in people with dementia. In addition, it helps with communication – verbal and non-verbal – through the recall of pleasant memories and emotions. Through engaging in identifying fabrics and naming colours and pictures, Touch&Pair offers many hours of playtime.

The package contains 10 pieces of different fabrics – denim, felt, brocade, waterproof, wool, cotton, lace, satin, tweed and velvet – and 10 matching cards.

Recommended for: Early & Middle Dementia

Dimensions (cm): 68×23

Product contents: 1 surface with 10 different fabric pieces and 10 cards.

Language: English

Production year: 2023

100% handmade product, designed and manufactured entirely in Greece by seveneleven

thāllo® is an integrated approach to communication and entertainment for people over 65 and people living with dementia. Our Connotation Thought Principle is the key concept and is enriched with a series of games, activities and applications that support the daily work of caregiving.
The thāllo games series by thāllo has been tested by people with dementia living in Elderly Care Units and in their homes.

All products are ideal for use at home and in Elderly Care Units. They are light, easy to carry and store, and can be cleaned easily and quickly.
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