Violets and hyacinths* (a play for all that's left)

*Violets and hyacinths (Menexedes kai zoumboulia) is an old Greek serenade song,
a beautiful waltz, the most loved song of the residents in Greek nursing homes.

Director's note

In recent years, through fruitful collaborations and the valuable support of Charitable organizations we have been implementing a recreational program for nursing home residents. Back in 2016, we took the initiative to conduct a more thorough research on the lives of the residents, finding fragments from the past of Greece, images that we have left behind. We chose to preserve this modern history museum by creating a mosaic of undocumented stories – hidden behind the official history – and by putting on stage the testimonies of those people as a tribute to the years that passed and to the simple everyday moments we so easily overlook. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that people who shared their stories and thoughts with us live with some type of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Through our play, we carefully approach the issue of the stereotypical image of the Third Age in an attempt to alter it and at the same time inform the public on the degenerative brain conditions. All the comic elements of the residents’ stories and their humor are present in the play, which also leaves space for fruitful reflection and optimism. Based on the power of theater to sensitize and make social impact, our initiative’s goal is to encourage a dialogue and to pave the way for social awareness on dementia.

About the play

 In an airport gate the flight is delayed. Five elders indulge in weaving a cloth of memories, unfolding the lives of a whole generation
through work, traveling, first loves and childhood, describing images from the time that passed, as well as from the days yet to come.
Violets and hyacinths is an optimistic play for the beauty of the end and the importance of the beginning, but also for the everyday life
of dementia and the need to communicate.


Waiting for something to happen.


The ferryman, a modern angel.


Mrs. Evangelia gets caught by the police.


Where the oceans meet...
"One side is blue, the other is black".


A warm goodbye.


For her eyes only. A Greek quarrel.


Violets and hyacinths*
(a play for all that’s left)


Transit. An other-worldly allegory.

Theatrical season 2018-2019 [Opening: September 21, 2018 – World Alzheimer’s Day]
Venue  Thiseion – a theater for the arts

Creative Team

Author – Director
Notis Paraskevopoulos

Yiannis Polyzos

Set design 
Myrsini Maneta

Konstantina Maltezou
Evangelia Tsiouni

Music/Sound Supervisors
Notis Paraskevopoulos
Yiannis Polyzos

Lighting design
Nikos Zairis

Set construction 
Gerasimos Maltezos

Photography/Teaser video
Giorgios Charisis

Visual Communication
Nikos Gazetas


Giannis Annousis

Mrs. Evangelia   
Marina Koutroumba

Mr. Kostas
Manos Kostis

Mrs. Evangelia
Konstantina Maltezou

Mrs. Petroula
Petroula Mantzoukidou

Mr. Panagiotis

Tasos Tziviskos

The play was produced thanks to a grant by the ΤΙΜΑ Charitable Foundation and toured several cities of Greece.

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