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The value of music in the elderly and people with dementia

Music acts as a connecting link and has the ability to bring people closer to the present. It revitalizes, stimulates, and encourages people with dementia to express themselves and engage in creative activities.

For people living with dementia, feelings can often be overwhelming, difficult to manage and process. Research shows that music can help reduce the neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia such as confusion, apathy, and stress, and enhance emotional health and well-being. This way, music not only improves the quality of life, but also helps the difficult work of the caregivers.

Our radio’s vision

We believe and have witnessed the positive impact of music on people living with dementia. thāllo radio encapsulates our effort
to bring music closer to people living with dementia, aiming at making it a crucial part of everyday care. The content emerged
through our ten-year everyday contact with the elderly and people with dementia, so it essentially consists of their/your choices
and preferences. However, music never ends, and the program will be constantly enriched.

Song requests & comments

If you want us to add your favorite songs to the program, just ask! Send us an email at radio@thallo.care and your request will
be on next week’s playlists. Your comments are also welcomed and valued.

Weekly Program

thāllo radio: a short survey

Answer the following questions and help us evolve and develop our program.

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