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The «Game for Adults» is back!

New Neo-impressionism periodical exhibition at the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation accompanied by workshops that enhance interaction and participation. Among them our own 65+ program with lots of games, quizzes and – as always – great mood. We look forward to seeing you!

One more trip for thāllo… with the Aegean Santa Crew

τελευταια_νεα_ Aegean Santa Crew

Another year, another exciting and moving journey. thāllo participated for the 2nd year in a row in the AEGEAN Santa Crew program, traveling to nursing…

Virtual “journeys” for older kids

Virtual Journeys_1-480-300px

Arsinoi pulled me by the hand to lead me towards the centre of the small room. The tables were still messy after the morning activities and the smell…

A musical journey of exploration and well-being

τελευταια_νεα_Mind and harmony [281023]

On Saturday, November 4, we begin a new program at the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation; a musical journey of exploration and well-being in the museum…


People said

 Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others have to say.

“…The sixth time, they made 90-year-old Ms. Evangelia sing with them. The seventh time, Ms. Konstantina stopped being aggressive and welcomed them with open arms. Mrs. Despina never missed a dance… Ms. Aliki says: Not only do we have fun, but we also learn. Mrs. Olga got emotional when she touched a white fabric that reminded her of her bridal dress. It is a real pleasure to see them being happy, smiling and asking when the “kids” are coming back. We congratulate you and we thank you for your offer. We wish you to keep on offering joy and love to all people who need it.”
Sister Evangelia Vakondiou
Mother Superior of the Monastery of the Holy Cross
“…The benefits of thāllo for the residents of our nursing home were multiple. Your weekly presence here has contributed to the socialization and mental strengthening, as well as to the recreation of the elderly residents of our nursing home. What is more, the training you have offered to our volunteers was very important to us. We wish you from the bottom of our hearts to continue your work with the same success, as initiatives such as yours are a true offer to nursing homes and their people.”
Ioannis Papadatos & Thelxi Mouzaki
President of Estia of Nea Smyrni & Manager of the Elderly Care Home “Oikos Galinis
“…seveneleven stands out for its consistency, professionalism, knowledge, desire for constant evolution, true interest in what they do and true love for their fellow human beings. Their meetings with our people have been beneficial! They keep their memory, creativity, imagination and child inside them awake, and every time they are a step away from depression and stress. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
Konstantina Katsougri
Head of“Dionysios Theophilatos” Moschato Social Care Charitable Association
“…The thāllo program, mainly based on the significance of collective action, has made a difference, especially in terms of collaboration among the nursing home residents. This is proven by the high attendance of the latter and their desire for active participation in the activities. Notis and Konstantina, with their smile, interest and friendliness towards each person separately, have gained the trust of our residents. With mental strength exercises, group games, dancing and singing, they have made the participants express themselves with no hesitation, and they deserve congratulations.”
Yiannis Keskinoglou
Head of the Board of Estia of Constantinople
“…I would like to thank you for all those moments and hours that our people became children again, they smiled from heart, they felt that their life was a bit more interesting, they felt capable and useful, they felt that “their people” –you– will come to visit them. Finally, I would like to thank you for the numerous –little or great– moments you offered them with your professional, systematic, weekly presence here. But above all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the true love you showed them! I congratulate you because you combine Professionalism with Humanity, which is so rare but also so necessary for this sensitive age group. I would like to ask you to stand by our side for as long as possible and I wish that other people imitated you so that your good work will continue.”
Konstantina Katsougri
Head of“Dionysios Theophilatos” Moschato Social Care Charitable Association
“Please accept our sincere thanks for your kind offer (musical-theatrical activity) to support the charitable purpose of our foundation.”
Evangelos Stamoulis
Director of Chios Nursing Home “Zorzis G. Michalinos”
“We have to confess that the difficult and painful –but substantial– work in our province takes place thanks to the love and aid by our fellow humans such as you, and for this the best wishes of all of our Foundation’s care receivers will always accompany you.”
Nikolaos Papachristopoulos
Administrative Director of Kallimanopouleio
“Thāllo aging with a smile What a fitting title for thāllo's presence in our nursing homes! Our collaboration started back in 2017. Konstantina and Notis fascinated the elders from their first visit! It's an intervention that engages the elders in many ways. We realized that following our meetings, people had an improved mood, they communicated more effectively and were feeling relaxed. seveneleven's intervention goes on today but in a different form; no physical presence is allowed, due to Covid restrictions, yet with the same professionalism and consistency they are with us digitally, through a meeting platform. An oasis in their everyday lives, a large smile on their faces even long after their meeting. We wish you well and we hope to have you with us for a long time. They feel for you the same as for their own children and this means that you have become a part of our big family. We can't thank you enough for your generous contribution to the elders! Equally important to the food for the body, is the food for the soul.’’
Fotini Karyda
Nea Ionia & Nea Filadelfia Nursing Homes' Supervisor
“On an extremely minimal stage Notis Paraskevopoulos and his theater group manage to convey the absurdity of bureaucracy in the “Suede Jacket” by the Bulgarian playwright Stanislav Stratiev. This is where the ability and acute perception of a true artist lies: without the useless impressing of the “modern” and without unnecessary interventions and references to today, he manages to maintain the spirit of the original play and at the same time to render it current and acceptable for today’s viewers! …The success of the play is also due to two other factors. The first is the fact that the director also translated the play and thus penetrated into and assimilated the meaning of the original text in the best possible way. The second factor is the great dynamics of the whole theater group, which is composed of talented and inspired actors.”
Dr. Evelina Mineva
Lecturer of the Department of Russian Language and Philology and Slavic Studies National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


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