Since 2019, when the new Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art opened its doors to the public, our company has been continuously collaborating with the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, designing and implementing programs and activities for the elderly, people with ‘Mild Cognitive Impairment’ and people living with dementia. In this context, a unique and diverse program has been developed that includes live and digital meetings, mobile applications, and virtual reality experiences, addressing people throughout Greece and abroad.

The social issue

Given the aging of the population and the stereotypical association of the Third Age with the deterioration of health and the poor quality of life, we wish to help the elderly express themselves through experiencing art in a way that refreshes or arouses their interest in it. Besides, it has been proven that taking part in artistic activities improves the elderly’s quality of life, while also enhancing cognitive functions, such as memory, thinking, and perception.

The program

Can art change the world?

A new perspective of the works of art and their creators is presented to the participants. Artists, colors, and artistic
movements form a web of activities,which through the theatrical act and the thāllo approach aim at cultivating imagination,strengthening self-confidence, and encouraging socializing and teamwork.

Through our activity we wish to:

  • Eliminate the social exclusion experienced by the elderly,
  • Cultivate the notion that the elderly remains creative,
  • Develop relationships and share experiences and ideas,
  • Transform introversion into expression,
  • Encourage collaboration,
  • Stimulate and boost memory,
  • Demonstrate the significance of art in people’s lives.

Games for Adults: Art and the 5 senses

How can we experience art with all our senses?​

“Games for Adults”, the popular series of programs run by the B&E Goulandris Foundation and thāllo for persons aged 65+ and persons with or without ‘Mild Cognitive Impairment’, urges participants to interact with modern art and come up with new interpretations of artworks and artists, using the Collection’s works as a starting point. For 2022-2023 season, “Games for Adults”, called “Art and the 5 Senses”, has been designed to create a dialogue between the human senses and the Foundation’s Collection of works, by stirring up different memories.
The smell of cinnamon meets citrus fruit, soundscapes coexist with melodies from exotic islands and the touch of a cold metal surface alternates with that of warm wood and silk, in a sensory game that is been based on the Collection’s artworks.
Each meeting is different as the path is defined by the selections of the participants. Special meetings are held for groups of people living with dementia, residing in care homes.

Digital Games for Adults: Color and Art

What does colour represent for each one of us?

What would certain works of art look like if the artist had chosen different colours?

What would be the colour of our life and memories if they were a work of art?

The B&E Goulandris Foundation continues its innovative “Digital Games for Adults”, the popular series of online guided tours designed in collaboration with thāllo especially for people over 65, with the program “Colour and Art”. Participants in “Colour and Art” – which takes place via Zoom and gives the opportunity to persons aged 65+ living anywhere in Greece or abroad to get to know the Foundation’s Collection – learn about the symbolism of colour in art through an innovative game.

“Digital Games for Adults” makes the Collection accessible to people who do not have the opportunity to travel to Athens and see the works of art up close. At the same time, it boosts creativity and self-confidence and encourages the use of digital tools.

Museum Adventure, an innovative application for mobile phones

Εικόνα 6_450x300
“Museum Adventure” is a smart phone, user-friendly application especially designed for people over 65, as well as people living with Mild Cognitive Impairment. It comes in the form of a quiz game and aims to strengthen emotional and mental health through the wonderful world of art.

Each artwork is accompanied by a soundscape, an original composition inspired by the painting and the era it was created. The game is played by answering questions to move forward, while diving into a journey of sounds and colors. The answer lies hidden in what you have heard. During the game, you can also read the text of the narration for additional help. Art is not a matter of knowledge rather than the reality of the viewers’ open heart; thus, the game is an exploration of the unique collection of the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation accompanied by original compositions and soundscapes.

The application was developed by thāllo, in collaboration with the B&E Goulandris Foundation, with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
Visit our shop and download it for free.

A Museum visit with a different pair... of glasses

B&E Goulandris Foundation collaborated with thāllo to give access to the Collection to people who do not have the opportunity to visit the Museum, enjoy a guided tour and gain access to the unique works of art.

“A Museum visit with a different pair… of glasses” travels to the most remote areas of Greece to offer a unique experience to elderly people who are unable to visit the museum to experience its Collection. Each kit includes a Virtual Reality headset and copies of selected artworks, offering the best possible visitor’s experience with a sensory twist.

Participants can virtually visit the Museum and move around the halls, browse the Collection with the help of a mobile device (tablet) listening to specially adapted tours and touch copies of famous paintings and sculptures.
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